Paint Brushes

We carry a wide array of paint brushes to meet the needs of our suppliers and their end users. Our offering includes sanded-wood handle chip brushes, and polyester chip brushes with plastic handles. We also offer a “next step up” black bristle brush with a walnut wood handle, as well as a full double thick pure black bristle brush with a varnished wood handle. For the marine trade, we carry a top-quality line of pure black bristle and pure white bristle brushes.

We also have a wide variety of specialty brushes and a full line of black bristle bent ferrule radiator brushes, which are commonly used on ocean-going ships to paint behind pipes.

Below is a gallery of the types of brushes we offer.


Polyester Chip

Black China Bristle

Pure Black Bristle

White China Bristle Marine

Angle Sash/6″ Brush

Professional (Bristle)

Professional (Polyester)


Gold Polyester

Oval Sash